Up Coming Exhibition:



21.03.14 - 12.04.14


Opening Friday 21 mARCH 2014


dark horse experiment



Daniel Lynch (aka-Junky Projects)

In a world where all that remains is wasted, new forms and manifestations of life after waste continue to evolve and develop from the very detritus which doomed a civilization.These are the JunkyProjects.

My recent work "WASTED" is a personal exploration into the creative process, the symbology and invented mythology around which my art making takes place. By using basically only materials which have had a previous life of some kind (found objects and waste polystyrene) i am creating a new type of history for these objects, whilst resonating echoes of their past lives within these new compositions. 


'WASTED' presents the bearers of bad news, and the only news worth bearing. Don't shoot the messenger.