UpComing Exhibition:


'A landscape of dreams'

BY Marcus Encel


Opening 18th September 6pm-9pm

Exhibition Runs 19th Sep - 28th Sep 2015

'A Landscape of Dreams' is an installation based exhibition at the Dark Horse Experiment by artist Marcus Encel. The show will transport the viewer on a dream journey through the alternate life of dream.

Taking the form of a multimedia environment, the show will utilise multiple video projection, sculpture, built spaces and words and will include the Melbourne Projection Space windows. Using subject lighting, wire, sculpture, tableau and projection the artist creates an alternate dream reality where the viewer is invited to explore the shadow self; the ID and the Ego. 'A Landscape of Dreams' will question why do we do things we do, and why are so many of our actions incomprehensible to ourselves?

Encel explores Divergent voices and visions that separate the self into different identities; What is the relationship between the Ego self (conscious self) with the ID shadow self (unconscious self) and our waking life?

The installations will be divided into zones of the surreal, as in a dream, how one might experience a certain reality from one angle and have it seamlessly morph into another as one turns ones head.

• Location: Dark Horse Experiment, 110 Franklin Street Melbourne.
• Opening Night: 18 Sep 2015
• Exhibition Dates: 19 Sep - 27 Sep 2015
• Opening Hours: Wed-Sat 12pm-5pm

marcus encel dark horse experiment