CURRENT Exhibition:


By Jason Waterhouse

OPENING September 1st

Exhibition Runs 2nd Sep - 24th Sep

In the exhibition The Blender Exodus, a group of amoebic Ozito power tools flee the neon blast from a shotgun. Like some David Cronenberg-inspired draconiannightmare that is both laughable and disturbing, these mutated blobs resemble robotic snails, spurring questions more than answers. Does the vacuous starter’s gun speech-bubble play only to pop cultural sensibilities, or does it signal the launch of these hybrid creatures into our unsuspecting lives?

Jason Waterhouse’s sculptural practice is underpinned by ideas of contemporary architecture, urbanization and ‘how we live with the stuff around us’. In Waterhouse’s studio, ubiquitous objects such as car bodies, gardeners’ sheds, pencils, tools and tree branches undergo series of interventions resulting in hybridized objects that occupy an uncanny space between the past and the present, the natural and the manufactured.

jason waterhouse installation